Fire Engine Red Counter Top Hotdog and Bun Cooker

I never actually knew that I wanted a fire engine red counter top hotdog and bun cooker until I saw this while I was “window shopping.” It was love at first sight. Anyone who is a true fan of one of America’s favorite foods would love this. The color is very eye catching with a nostalgic and iconic feel. It’s great for people who like to be reminded of simpler times. It’s also perfect for children. They can just pop their food into the toaster and push the lever down and voila, instant lunch, dinner or snack. Perfection.

Best Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

This year I’ve decided to continue our exuberant approach to the holidays and add even more decorations. Thus, began my search for the best fiber optic Christmas tree. And yes, I realize that it’s currently June, but we take are holiday preparations seriously. God forbid the items we want be gone if I were to wait until FALL (gasp and clutch pearls!) to get all the shopping done. So let the fun begin now!

Best Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations

I’m searching for the best inflatable Christmas yard decorations. The holidays just aren’t the holidays without fun, whimsical and silly adornments on houses, windows, yards and even cars. Although I know there is such a thing as taking it too far (Yes, I am talking about all the eager retailers who start setting up their Santa displays in July!!)

Best Indoor Tabletop Water Fountain

I may never know why I’m just now thinking about bringing a little piece of my favorite part of the outdoors inside, but today I am searching for the best indoor tabletop water fountain. I could use a little bit of the peace and serenity that I feel when I take in the sight and sounds.

Best Animatronic Halloween Decorations

In honor of the big day, I thought I would check out the best animatronic Halloween Decorations for indoor or outdoor use. It’s never too early to be prepared to wow your neighbors with your awesome display.