Fire Engine Red Counter Top Hotdog and Bun Cooker

Fire Engine Red Counter Top Hotdog and Bun Cooker

I never actually knew that I wanted a fire engine red counter top hotdog and bun cooker until I saw this while I was "window shopping." It was love at first sight for me.

I love the fiery color and the retro feel. You can use this toaster to heat up to four yummy treats at a time. It comes with adjustable settings so you can get the food just right, and a little pair of tongs to make removal easier. There is also a removable food cage for easier clean up.

Anyone who is a true fan of one of America's favorite foods would love this. The color is very eye catching and the whole thing has a nostalgic and iconic feel. It's great for people who like to be reminded of simpler times. It's also perfect for children (with some supervision of course). They can just pop their food into the toaster and push the lever down and voila, instant lunch, dinner or snack. Perfection.

What I like about this toaster is the color, and the fact that it cooks one of my favorite guilty pleasures very quickly and with few hassles. I've never been a fan of boiling any of my meat, and sometimes I can't get them quite right in the microwave, so this is the perfect compromise for me.

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