How to Make a Beautiful Gel Candle With Flowers

How to Make a Beautiful Gel Candle With FlowersI've always wanted to learn how to make a beautiful gel candle with flowers. Honestly, I was just looking for the simplest candle making tutorial, with the fewest amount of steps and the biggest "wow" factor. I saw plenty of tutorials that were super simple but the end product just didn't appeal to me. I wanted something that would look great in my home and be great to give as a gift too. Then I just happened upon this absolutely gorgeous tutorial and I love it. The approach is simple, fun, and relatively quick and some of the materials that are needed can be found at home.

Supplies Needed


Gel Candle Wax

Glass container- a mason jar works great

Candle Wicks

Glue Gun OR craft glue and a paintbrush

Double Boiler or Pouring Pot for melting the wax

Popsicle sticks

small funnel

Step by Step Instructions

Read the directions on the gel candle wax and follow all directions for safe handling of the wax. Research and review all safety precautions necessary for safe candle making.

Take your candle wick and glue it to the bottom of your mason jar or other glass container. You can use a glue gun or craft glue and a paintbrush to aid in gluing down the wick.

Use a popsicle stick or similar object to press the wick firmly down on the bottom of your jar. Press down for a few moments to help the glue bond

Add potpourri to your jar.

Melt the gel wax over the stove on low heat stirring frequently. Do Not Leave Unattended. Do not heat the gel in the microwave.

Next pour the melted wax into your jar using a funnel. The amount of wax needed is dependent upon the size of your glass jar. Just make sure the gel completely covers the potpourri.

Take two popsicle sticks and place one on either side of your wick to stabilize it and keep the wick straight while the candle dries.

You're Done! Check what you've created because I bet it's awesome!

One of the best things about this project is that it is simple and the end result is absolutely stunning. I love the flexibility of this candle. So many different versions can be created based on the season or the holiday. Whether as a statement in your home or a gift, you can't go wrong with this. Give it a try today. I bet you'll be thrilled with the end result.

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