How to Make a Super Simple and Cute Cat Scratching Post

How to Make a Super Simple and Cute Cat Scratching PostRecently, I was in the pet store trying to find a new scratching post for my kitties. The thing is I hated almost everyone I saw because they were horrible looking carpeted monstrosities. Even worse then the carpeted horrors were those terribly messy cardboard things. I finally picked out the lesser of two evils because the cats really needed something but I still wasn't satisfied. When I got home I decided to find out how complicated it would be to make my own. That's when I discovered that I can learn how to make a super simple and cute cat scratching post that's not ugly! Woohoo! This tutorial that I found is short and sweet and does a good job of showing how simple the task can be.

Supplies Needed

Sturdy Traffic Cone

Cotton Rope (50 yards should be enough depending on the size of your cone)

Hot glue gun

Traffic cone


Pom Poms

Patience (Lol)

Step by Step Instructions

If you're using more than one color rope decide which color you are going to start with and which color you want to end with.

Start at the bottom corner of the traffic cone.

Grab the end of your rope and put hot glue on from the end to about an inch or so inward.

Carefully place the rope glue side down on the selected corner of the cone.

Press down to make sure the rope is sticking to the base.

Continue this process, adding glue directly to the cone and carefully and quickly pressing the rope into the glue before it dries.

Wrap upward carefully covering the cone and making sure that the rope is placed as neatly as possible to avoid the orange cone showing through. (You may also consider spray painting your cone first if you're concerned about how it might look.)

When you've reached the top of the cone, cut the rope and glue down the end.

Next, grab your pom-poms and glue them to the cone in your preferred pattern.

This project is pretty straight forward. There are no complicated directions or exotic or hard to find materials. Also, the end result is really adorable. I think this is perfect for anyone who is tired of the status quo product and wants to try something fun, cute and functional. Give it a try. Your kitty will thank you.

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