How to Make an Adorable Simple Handmade Pom Pom Rug

How to Make an Adorable Simple Handmade Pom Pom RugI found one of the clearest and easiest instruction videos on how to make an adorable, simple handmade pom pom rug. I don't know about you but I love how they look. In my opinion, this completed project will make a fun addition to almost any room in your home. You will learn exactly what you need to do in order to make your own rug. And I'm almost willing to bet that you'll have fun doing it.

Supplies Needed


Crochet Hook


Non-slip Grip Liner (can be found in most dollar stores)

A template (or object to use as a template) in the shape of your choice

Step by Step Instructions

Start by unraveling the yarn carefully from the outside.
Find the end of the yarn and place it in the palm of your hand holding it down with your thumb.
Wrap the yarn around your fingers a minimum of 50-55 times. The more you wrap the yarn the bigger and fluffier the pom poms will be.
Cut the strand of yarn that you wrapped around your hand at the top of your palm and remove the bundled yarn from your hand.
Cut a strand of yarn about 6-7 inches or longer if you choose.
Take the 6-7 inch strand and tie it around the middle of the bundle and make a knot. Then turn it over and tie a second knot.
Pick your creation up and hold it by the loose strands of thread.
Cut through the middle of the loops on each side of the knot. Double check to make sure you didn't miss any loops.
Trim the edges of the yarn to make it even. You now have your first Pom Pom. Yay!
Repeat the steps to create more until you have a mountain of them sufficient to create your rug.
Take your grip liner and trace your shape unto it using your chosen template.
Cut the shape out with your scissors.
Stick the crochet hook through one of the holes in the liner.
Choose one of your pom poms and use the crochet needle to grab one of the two long strings that were used to tie the pom pom.
Pull the string through the liner with the crochet hook.
Repeat with the second string of the pom until both strands have been pulled through the liner.
Tie the strings together and make a tight knot to secure it.
Continue to add pom poms until your rug is complete.
Check for any missed spots and fill them in if necessary.
After attaching all your poms, flip your rug over and trim the long strands.
You're finished! Enjoy your beautiful handmade pom pom rug. Woohoo!

This project is simple and fairly straight forward. The most time consuming part of making your rug will be creating the pom poms. The benefit is when you're done you will have a gorgeous custom rug made with your own hands. You simply cannot beat the satisfaction that is received from creating something yourself. From picking out the colors to deciding on the shape, you have complete creative control. This is a fun project that can be done with with friends and family. Think of the amount of time you can save by having the kiddos help with this project, and I'll bet that they'll have a blast doing it.

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