How to Make an Easy Pet Bed For Your Dog

How to Make an Easy Pet Bed For Your DogLet's face it. We love our fur babies but they sure can be expensive some times. They are cherished members of our family so we want them to have a good life and have all their needs met. If that means special food, toys and clothes so be it. However, it is nice to be able to cut costs wherever possible, while still being able to provide the very best. If you want to learn how to make an easy pet bed for your dog, you've come to the right place. In many cultures, nothing says "I love you" like a hand made item and I'm sure your dog will appreciate the effort. And by the way, if you want to make this bed for your cat, we won't say a word.

Supplies Needed

1-Yard of Polar Fleece (You'll need 2 pieces, 1-yard each)

Fiber Pillow Filling

A pair of fabric scissors (or scissors sharp enough to cut fabric neatly)

A standard sized pillow as a place holder


Sharpie or fabric marker

Step by Step Instructions

Lay out both pieces of fabric on a flat surface making sure that the two pieces are aligned.

Put your "place holder" pillows on top of the fabric to get an idea of where you will cut your fringes.

Mark the perimeter of where your pillow will be with a sharpie or fabric marker. Just make sure that the marker you use does not bleed through your fabric.

To make the fringe you will first measure and mark the edge of the fabric at 1-inch wide intervals using your ruler. You can "eyeball" the measurement if you want but it's best to use the ruler and mark it for better uniformity.

Next take your scissors and cut through both pieces of fabric lengthwise at the marked intervals. While you've already marked the width of the fringe, the length of the cut you are making will be dependent on how long you want your fringed edges to be.

Consider making a test cut by tying the top fringe and bottom fringe together to see if there is if you like the length. This way if you want the it to be longer or shorter you can make the adjustments now.

Again if you want to "eyeball" this measurement that's fine but just remember DO NOT cut beyond the perimeter that you marked to show where your pillow or stuffing will be.

After you've finished cutting go back to the corners and cut out a complete square so that the edges can be tied properly.

Next, tie the top and bottom fringe together around three sides, leaving one side open so that you can stuff the bed with the pillow stuffing of your choice. You may want to get a helper to make this step go quicker!

Once all three sides are tied, stuff the pillow to the level of fluffiness that is desired.

Tie up the last side as you did the others.

Admire your handy work and see how your fur baby likes her new bed!

This is a really simple project and it can be easily adjusted to make the pillow bigger or smaller. One of the things that I love about making my own pet bed is that I can customize the colors to match my home decor. Once you're done you have a one of a kind item and you probably saved a few bucks too! Give this project a try it's fun, easy and cost effective.

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